Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A hundred thousand people connected,
millions of users online detected,
social creatures virus infected,
by life's anti-virus not always protected.

Bit and bytes CPU overheated,
hard drive is full and RAM is defeated,
the disc drive's spin is almost depleted,
and the social virus cannot be excreted.

Collective, a hive, an Internet Borg,
looking for life on the Planet Zork,
while outside the window it's fleeting and passing,
people around you disconnect without asking.

And the bask of displays our lives pass away,
when you look up and see it's a sunny day,
do shut down and leave and go out there,
or does open spaces give you a scare?

Internet kids and even our parents,
the dumb and the mute, those barely coherent,
find life in the wires and freedom to share,
but in real life you'll bond if you truly care,
for those around you don't just prod and poke,
meet up for real have a drink make a joke.

Detach yourself from your scitzo friend,
the one who with a click can have you pretend,
that the world is right here.
Shut down, do it, don't fear.

Odd Little Forest Creature

You're an odd little forest creature,
an nasty one at that.
hiding in the shrubbery,
crawls under leafy mat.
I peer into the jungle dark,
see only your white eyes,
but I know in those pools of light,
are many hateful lies.

Oh fuzzy little forest creature,
you think the forest dumb?
Lurking in the shadows,
like all else is scum?

You funny little creature,
your logic is just wrong,
you hate the fuzzy bunny,
but sing the salmon song,
why do you kick the tiger hard,
along the ribs at that?
And then you turn around,
and cuddle with the bat.

Oh little forest creature,
why so miserable?
Were you born or slapped like this,
did you take your pill?

Funny little forest creature,
give yourself a break,
I'm sick of hearing you the preacher,
your own advice don't take.

But if you're such a clever sage,
Get a life embrace it all,
take from your book a good old page,
respond to Karma's call.
The forest isn't boring, the creatures quite droll,
and in common we have some,
big or small or short or tall,
from the forest we all do come.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Earth, wind, fire and sky

Fire in the sky,
heavy clouds in the earth,
the crust of the planet,
it's twice my girth.

Venomous rabbit running amok,
Nessie's in the closet wearing a frock.
Crouching Tigger ready to pounce,
being fed honey,
lapping up every ounce.

Thor's at the door heavy books in hand,
the heaviest one is just filled with sand.
Puff's not magic just blowing flames for show,
If unicorns exists the sand will be thrown.

The petrified forest doesn't fear anymore,
Free ugly cows, knock Yellow ore,
ultra Aliens leach in credible ere!
Splashes of Pollock and Dali was here.

Love love love

Flowers and clouds and a white fluffy bunny,
hopping and hanging in the breeze oh so funny.
Cute kids in the meadow and a few lambs too,
love it abounds there's enough for you too.

A ribbon so big and it's red in hair,
and her daddy nearby to protect and to care,
stuff toys and honey and a bowl of jelly,
a fat little kid laughs out loud from his belly.

Pastels in pink and in blue and in green,
love up to here as much as you've seen.
Hugging each other and laughing out loud,
togetherness and close, feeling safe and sound.

Validate and love and blindly share,
with those around you, for those who you care,
go up and hug them, for a squeeze as they say,
and have your self a great Valentine's Day!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Trip to KL

A off to KL I soon will go,
for food, shopping and a jolly good show.
I also need to go to embassy,
to state the fact that I'm a divorcee.

I'm also attending a friend's merry making,
a celebration for husband taking.
She met him on the internet,
and soon they will celebrate getting wed.

There's also a South African restaurant,
with chops and steaks and rice fragrant.
I hope to get a taste of home,
a good beef steak, freshly flown.

A boogie or a bit of dance,
will be exciting if I get the chance.
And we're flying with the success of Malaysia,
we're going there on AirAsia.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blogs. Friends. Blogging friends.

Sitting online, blogging, writing, clicking and reading.
I don't get up, just to wee, for walk, or a feeding.
My life moved online, in bytes, in bits.
In the glow of LCD, my life is here, at night, it sits.

But disconnected I am not, so many are connected,
in blogs they're reflected,
their needs, their wants, their who they are,
some are normal, others odd, some strange and bizarre.

Like JJ, and his path, a field guide,
You'll enjoy his opinions and adventures wide,
and fierce,
A softy really, bald head in spite,
I should stop this taunting,
hit me he might.

Then Becky, in her shorts so short,
her blog is full of political retort.
It's fun, and sad,
it looks like the American government is mad,
and she's there, to expose,
what a risk to other's liberty some poeple pose.

Over at Caneeliea, a blogger she is pro,
she worked with me but it was boring,
so home she did go.
To blog, for a living, and money.
"You don't pay me enough", she said, it was funny.
She's doing it for work, says what she wants to say,
when she wants, and for pay.

The only down to blogging is my lack of exercise,
and it's leading to gut so big, physical demise.
Balance is as always, important to this way,
if fit and healthy for blogging, I always want to stay.

Friday, November 16, 2007

TGIF - Not Really

A week quite long has come and gone,
today I feel the end.
Why is the weekend 2 days long,
why can't we just extend?

The week was tough with lots of stuff,
happening all around.
This weekend long I planned to sleep,
disappear and go to ground.

But, clean the house and wash the car,
must go shopping near and far.
Hang my washing pay the bills,
these things are hardly thrills.

So why again did I look forward
to the end of week?
Was it fun or rest or quiet
I had in mind to seek?

That is how it is these days,
the weeks just slip away,
and if you thought the week was hard,
it's really just the start.